Discussion on the forum propaganda skills experience

Hello, the key is to adhere to the post. Every day more than one hundred hair, your monthly income can reach 11250–3000 yuan, to go to the place where the traffic is high forum.

There are many ways of

propaganda, the details can refer to reference and consulting group.

I personally think

is the most effective and cheapest propaganda method, is posted at the forum.

I was on the forum posts, crazy crazy water, take the right mouse acid every day tired, pay so much effort to want so much to do offline run rich business network to make money together, I have such results today.

two, post stick:

in the forum posts, must be multiple, if you only send dozens of posts a day is not much benefit, at least to send hundreds of, you know, in the run to entrepreneurial Wangzhuan money to people, at the beginning of joining the run entrepreneurial network, the number of posts in the day thousand, so hard for several months, his line a lot, even after he posted not to do publicity, his benefit will be very impressive, this is called

after the first bitter sweet!

three, part of my post experience:


1, post, subject to frequent change;


2, post, put some pop music, this post will not feel boring;

3, posting to every corner of the forum posts, not just in a daze section;

4, in the popular forum to post multiple points;

, 5 posts to adhere to every day, so that there is a


5, regardless of the number of remittances, only concerned about the number of people registered, as long as the number of people registered, the talent will be more remittances, which is the same theorem;

6, adhere to an average of 3-5 registered every day, after 3 months, you can certainly monthly income of $3000 a year after the monthly income of over 10000.

four, problem solving

1, I post, why not join the site run rich business network of my


you much? Only dozens of posts, is not what effect.

you think, like posting distribute leaflets, you think of dozens of leaflets or flyers, hundreds of effective


my hair every day 1000 post, every day there are 6-8 people to register the website run rich business network I, although not guarantee they send money to join as a member, but at least the number of registration, the chance to join you.

2, posted at the forum, always be blocked or delete forum moderator user name, good trouble ah, how to do


advertising in the forum post, will certainly be blocked or delete forum moderator user >

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