AdSense policy what is the change in advertising behavior or positioning

Some publishers may have received a notification email like this: "publishers shall not act or change the positioning of Google advertising, including the implementation of AdSense ad code in the" floating box script ", or the use of hidden keywords or change IFRAME advertising positioning." There are a lot of publishers who write to us and ask us where we have violated our policy. Today we are going to introduce in detail what is the behavior or positioning of the modified advertising".

1. to set the advertising in the form of floating

2. ads to block the content of the web page, or the contents of the page to block some advertising

3. ads flashing or other ways to attract user attentionThe number of

4. advertising units exceeds the allowed number of our policies (3 ad units, 3 referral units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes)

5. in the web page using hidden or irrelevant keywords affect the advertising positioning

6. in a web site using iframe to launch multiple ad units

7. uses iframe to locate ads on other pages or sites

8. using 2 or multi-layer iframe advertising, the impact of advertising positioning.

9. embeds ads or ads on Web pages into software

10. put an ad in an email or use an email to promote advertising

hope through the introduction of the above can help you better understand our policy to avoid violating the policy behavior, to protect the safety of your account.

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