Mail tracking platform Yesware 4 million A round of financing

June 21st news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported last year after the seed fund of $1 million, to provide mail tracking service startup Yesware for sales staff, recently announced the successful $4 million investment in the A round of financing. Round of financing led by venture capital firm IDG Ventures, in addition to the previous investors also participated in the round of financing, including: Google venture capital, investment company Foundry Group.

Yesware company for sales staff to provide a series of Gmail based mail services, such as mail tracking, tracking and analysis report, also can through the Yesware platform, to facilitate customer relationship management (CRM) information input system, and Yesware has been the main and the implementation of CRM system integration, such as Salesforce the company, Microsoft Corp and Oracle Corp etc..

Yesware company provides mail tracking services that allow sales staff to know the situation of their mail. In addition, it can provide analysis report, so that sales staff to the customer’s attention has a clear grasp.

In addition,

platform can be input to the CRM system through Yesware. And the information input is automatic, rather than manual, so that the input information is more reliable, more accurate and more timely. But Yesware’s founder and CEO Matthew · (Matthew Bellows); Valles stressed that the new input method of Yesware, the one and only place is not CRM, but they hope that through their own platform to make sales success.

now, Yesware’s platform support for Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser, but also have a support of Android system application function. Yesware company plans to use the $4 million investment, and improve the application of Android system, and then develop a program based on Outlook, because of the use of Outlook in the sales staff in the rate as high as 95%.

in addition, Yesware also announced that its number of customers reached 40 thousand, including some corporate customers, such as: Yammer, etc..

at the same time in accordance with the plan, Yesware will use the investment to expand staff, but also plans to move the company to Boston. (packet tsinger)

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