YC partner Garry Tan the beginning of the business to do the most important thing

China continues to heat up one of the realization of entrepreneurial heat, is the emergence of many business incubators. And contact with them, often talk to their common viewing, Y Combinator (YC), located in the United States is currently the world’s most famous Internet startups incubator.

recently, the point of science and technology Lu Gang (micro-blog) YC partner Garry Tan conducted an exclusive interview. Garry Tan is a co-founder of the micro blogging service Posterous, joined YC in early 2011 as a partner, especially in product design to guide the various teams of YC. The success of YC, entrepreneurial direction and need to pay attention to, Garry talked about his own views.

The key of successful business incubator


Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, not only the leader of the YC, but also to become the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs class. Paul’s own background is a programmer and entrepreneur, query Wikipedia on his introduction to the name of the back of the special note Computer Programmer. He developed a well-known online electricity supplier software Viaweb, after being acquired Yahoo become Yahoo! Store.

Garry think it is precisely because of these experiences, Paul understand the needs of start-up companies. Garry said that in the United States there are a lot of replication YC mode incubator, but there is no success YC. Paul is not academic, not what the top 500 managers of the company, nor what financier, he is a hacker (Hacker), is a founder. He knows how to start a business, from product design to product development to the user. This is the root of YC’s success.

The background of

venture capitalists is mostly economic or financial, or MBA, the value of these things is not limited to start-up companies. In the entrepreneurial team accumulated a certain amount of users and the development of possible business model, the value of venture capital will be better reflected.

Garry also believes that the venture capital industry is changing, the United States has gradually emerged some venture capital company, founding partner of their background is 100% geeks and know how to start from 0 companies who do business.

YC select project standard

for project selection, Garry is very sure that the entrepreneurial team is more important than the project itself. Paul himself once said that the criteria for YC selection are people, not business plans or business ideas. Business ideas are always changed by time, so the most valuable thing you can see from the idea is the person who makes the idea.

so Garry thinks some items in the YC for a while

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