Dr the story of Huang Zhixiong and the nternet

is probably affected by the time to go where the impact of the introduction of my Internet mentor Mr. Mou Changqing recently fell in love with nostalgia. Then began to recall the time when 28 before and after the founding of the 28 disciples, so the 28 push includes later joined the disciples all teachers are finally starting to visible before the eyes, his memoirs, each disciple had to write a write.

this article is written 28 to push the big brother Huang Zhixiong, very inspirational, but also very warm, the following is the full text.

to introduce the 28 founding team member Peng Hongwei Internet experience last week, because of the particularity, Peng Hongwei’s inspirational, so often mentioned in the blog before, relatively speaking we have very familiar with Peng Hongwei. The Internet doctor – Huang Zhixiong, we may not be so familiar. But in 28 he pushed the importance in the team, is next to me, so that after Peng Hongwei, I just want to tell everyone to introduce the 28 team in the big brother.

remember that I once joked in the group, although I am a teacher, because the age difference is not big, but more like a friend. The Internet, is everyone’s big brother, but because after the age of 60, rich social experience, more like a "elder", which indicates that the Internet, the importance of the team.

Huang Zhixiong

Lianpo old acquaintance

to tell the truth when the recruitment of apprentices, I did not want to recruit older than me, because I am afraid that the age is too large, too have their own ideas, such people come in bad management training. And my first requirement for students, is to have a strong executive ability. So at that time, I was recruited as long as 27 years of age. Huang Zhixiong was already 42 years old, is a 60 after the exception of hundred-percent, recruited him, is moved by he was sent to the registration mail attitude.

was so casual, exceptionally recruited the 60 after Huang Zhixiong, thus indirectly changed some team members in the development of future trajectory.

and Peng Hongwei are not the same as the spirit of encouragement, age and then, and then do not forget to learn

from Huang Zhixiong, I also see and Peng Hongwei is not the same spirit of encouragement, can be said to be the two opposite extreme cases. Peng Hongwei learning network promotion, because life is forced, because the only reason for learning disabilities network promotion this way out. Huang Zhixiong is just the opposite, already 42 years old, he has been a successful person, do too many executives, a printing plant in Shenzhen, worth tens of millions.

May I

to the abundance mentality, in Huang Zhixiong’s age, so the net worth, will have to consider retirement. And Huang Zhixiong is also holding a very big passion for the Internet, hoping to learn more knowledge of the network to promote the Internet in the second venture. The idea of people is always different, the people who have a career, age is big, it will not be them

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