CPS hard to do CPS will win the trick

there are several domestic CPS alliance, I believe the webmaster are already very familiar with. I believe a lot of owners of CPS to wait and see attitude, or skepticism, one of the most important reason is that the effect of the problem". The reference of foreign experience, CPS advertising is an important source of many sites is profitable, the key is to grasp the key have a brilliant future. The following experience for reference:

1, fully understand the CPS alliance will be profitable to ensure. Yiqifa, linktech, results of network, do you know them? They are the traditional CPS alliance, in Banner advertising, text link ads have been quite mature. But the different characteristics of the alliance, such as advertisers have quality is different! If you are a fashion website, which will see the advertising alliance in terms of clothing is the strongest, delivery will get the best results! Why? Because you guide the user in the past, if the quality is not the main advertising itself this, the user lost over. The most serious is that the next time you will not point to the ad.

2, pay attention to information, to explore new profit point: the new CPS advertising is evolving, grasp the trend can also make their first step. In terms of new technology, foreign countries often walk in front of unfavorable. For example, there is a foreign advertising model. Through the image matching technology, in the website of the head of the picture with a picture of the product link, so that the user can buy the product he saw the first time, guide the effect is not bad. Recently there are domestic companies doing similar models, there are several blog friends recommended a "treasure map", seems to have done with an air of importance. Know this information in advance, in a timely manner, the value of the site slowly dug out.

in a way is a new watermark: watermark click, a few button, to achieve a variety of functions such as flip, zoom, and embedded into the advertising, virtually can make users accept an advertising concept. This approach is not used in the country, the use of CPS advertising should also be a matter of time.

3, exchange: the same foundation of the site, CPS master’s earnings is definitely a lot of times the novice, why they do, communication, learning is a must. A casual tip of a person can give you a whole new idea.

Ye Maozhong once said, men should be a little hard on yourself, don’t put yourself as a person. In a certain stage of life, do not see themselves as people, torture themselves, to create their own, is a responsible attitude towards life. The festival is approaching, to share with you Webmaster: money is a lofty ideal.

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