EBay eBay detective who

In eBay eBay, a user is selling his NOKIA mobile phone, this is a very tempting to look online transactions, given the price lower than the market price of more than half.

is eBay eBay FD (Fraud Detection, anti fraud team). The user tracking analysis team member Wang Yi said: "this price has exceeded the reasonable profit, not stolen goods, is no goods, want to deceive money."


must be in full swing in the buyers and sellers of transactions, they quietly sitting in front of a computer screen, through observation and judgment to protect buyers and sellers get cheated money money. Imagine, if not for this special group of "detective", how will the network e-commerce world?

"female detective"

and the reality of life in the police is different, they can not by observing the appearance, speech, dress, expression methods to judge whether a user can only be suspicious, carries on the analysis to the computer on the cold data, user registration information, transaction records and user behavior to decide whether to "put" or "seal".

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