58 city Yao Jinbo from the beginning of the brand is very important


58 city Yao Jinbo: brand is very important from the start of the


technology news January 10th evening news, held today in the park geeks Innovation Conference, founder and CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city appearance and entitled "wonderful speech that critical moment" entrepreneurs must face the. Yao Jinbo believes that after the entrepreneurs find the market and user pain points, the first thing you need to do is to have a good name, and to the 58 city and Ganji website domain name, name differences, and explains the important role of domain name and brand in the development of the company.

at the same time, Yao Jinbo also reminded entrepreneurs, in the early stages of entrepreneurship to seriously choose a good name, good brand, because it will directly affect the long-term development of the enterprise. (Yangtze)

is the following speech:

Yao Jinbo: Hello everyone!

is pleased to Geek park is China geeks Park, one of the most outstanding group of entrepreneurs interested in entrepreneurship, with a dream to change the world, such a community.

today the organizer invited about three points, the key moment of entrepreneurs must face. I think as an entrepreneur, this is the soul of the company, these three points is ideal, team and rhythm, all entrepreneurs can not escape. First of all, all are from the beginning of the entrepreneurial ideal, this society does not need to find better, not perfect, become your own pain, think of ways to solve, often the ideal when you face, when this problem, society a lot of people have a kind of idea with you, so when you find this point, maybe a good business can begin. 58 from 8 years ago to start a business, I was a stranger, came to Beijing, the first time the rent, I put more than 1 thousand dollars to an intermediary, the intermediary received my money, take me to see a house, not to rent, I find an intermediary refund, I said return my money, he when I face to tear up the note. I was wondering why no one platform to a variety of localized information gathered on the Internet, make people completely out of the world, let your life by sharing the better, it was decided to do 58 very important intention.

In fact, 58

do now, leaving the impression that the user has the deepest point of the first, the first one is renting, over the past 8 years, many people rent the first house or the house is settled through the 58 of the two. When the 12306 did not launch time, how many people buy in 58? 58 today in many ways, recruitment, rent, second-hand housing, second-hand car is able to succeed, is when starting, through the Internet makes everyone better sharing of information, access to information, make life more convenient. The ideal is that entrepreneurs can get the important weapon when any company has an ideal, Baidu makes information more transparent, any enterprise, geeks park has its own ideal, any.

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