YY Li Xueling only meat companies can make money


YY CEO Li Xueling celebrations of the times (right) that only dare to eat meat company to make money (TechWeb pictures)

November 13th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States Forbes website reported on before the celebrations of the times YY listed in the United States. The article reported that the celebrations of the times YY CEO Li Xueling believes that the company is "dare to eat meat because, dare to adventure, to seize the opportunity to quickly achieved success. The following is the full text:

YY YY co-founder and CEO David · Li (Li Xueling) and venture capital partners are looking forward to, want to know who will not be optimistic about the Wall Street financiers Chinese Internet technology company.

YY listed in the United States is a gamble. New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq stock market in China Internet technology companies have recently declined, the last Chinese companies listed in the United States occurred 8 months ago.


, the total company dare to step forward, no matter front is deep or smooth. Shouldn’t such a company be an innovative YY?

David · Lee in Guangzhou in 2008 launched YY voice chat software, the company was the main direction of the game business, but soon YY grew into a company with a number of Internet technology companies.

now, YY platform has successfully transformed into a voice chat based integrated social platform. The two most important elements of this platform are music and education. Speaking of the company’s financing, YY has been very lucky. In 2008, Morningside Venture, Steamboat Ventures GGV, 2009 Capital, 2011 GGV Capital, which is attributable to the company chairman, angel investor Lei Jun in the beginning given support.

"we provide this instant messaging service is different from Facebook, which only focus on the user to connect. We in together, can help users solve their problems, "Lee recently held 2012 Silicon Dragon Shanghai conference said.

seems, Lee said that this service is very successful. Currently, the number of employees rose to 1000, the number of users up to 400 million. And in these 400 million users, including a small local musicians, she wrote her songs on the YY platform to listen to others to get income, the day is quite moist. Many people to help her with the YY platform to make a living.

asked how YY achieved such a huge success in a short time, Li Huida said, Internet Co can be divided into two kinds – eat meat and grass. Only meat companies can earn

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