How to improve customer satisfaction

a friend of electricity providers to consult me, how to improve customer service satisfaction. The original company recently because of marketing tools to strengthen, the number of orders increased, the amount of customer service is also increasing.

I asked you to temporary or permanent cure.

he said whether the treatment of symptoms.

I say, yes.


solution is very simple, you can strengthen customer service training. Please two types of teachers, one is an external teacher, specifically to teach customer service management, to teach you some skills to enhance the service concept; one is to ask the internal lecturer, the best performance of the customer service to find out, to teach you. You can also let the business sector and the Department of the product to teach you. Let the customer to make a list of all customers frequently mentioned problems, looking for customer service, business department, production department and other relevant departments to provide standardized answers to these problems, and then made a classification problem, let the customer every day to see again, to give customers to provide satisfactory answers to the standardization of common problems.

at the same time to sort out some customers can improve the satisfaction of personalized answers or value-added statements.

cure is more difficult, of course, also use the above indexes, but more critical is that enterprises need to focus on, stop efficiency analysis of the customer service department is good, or to calculate the number of customer service, should think about where to do something to let customers do not need


yes, this is the word, do something to make the customer does not need to service!

remember that customers buy your company’s products or services in order to enjoy or take advantage of their functions to achieve certain goals. Instead of trying to establish a relationship with your customer service department, it is only necessary when a problem arises.

therefore, it is better to eliminate the need for customers to seek service support as far as possible, rather than analyzing the efficiency of customer service in dealing with customer problems.

as long as the customer is very satisfied with their purchase of the product, in fact, no longer need any help or service, it will be "not service is the best service," the highest ideal. In short, the best customer service is not required customer service!

to achieve this "no service" ideal, should observe the following 3 principles:

first, re positioning customer service

customer service every time the customer contact with the company more "smart" and not "stupid", do not let customers ask you the same question second times, to refine the ability to solve a problem.

this position is clear that many companies are not clear. In most of the enterprise customer service, from the customer contact can be divided into the following types: 1) – stupid because companies have confused, unable to let the customer in accordance with the commitments agreed within the time limit, or provide the defective goods to the customer. It is foolish to say that some companies are not aware of this foolishness; 2)

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