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Venture Capital Conference FailCon founder Phillips

foreign media recently published an article that in the entrepreneurial success stories emerge in an endless stream of Silicon Valley, the failure now became a glorious, not difficult to hide things. Entrepreneurs have publicly stated their failure experience, from which to sum up and learn.

the following is the main content of the article:

5 years ago, Cassandra · Phillipps (Cassandra) founded FailCon – San Francisco’s failure to celebrate the general assembly. Seeing more and more entrepreneurs succeed in Silicon Valley, she felt frustrated and nervous about her future. Therefore, she is eager to get from the business failure story comfort.

the day’s meeting was a success. FailCon was founded in the first four years, every year in October there will be as many as 500 entrepreneurs and industry veterans gathered to share their stories of failure, such as "roundtable discussion when everything is off track what to do when the theme will be.

however, this year, the FailCon conference in San Francisco was canceled. Phillips said that this part of the business failure has become a hot topic of discussion in Silicon Valley, so there is no need to hold a special failure to talk about the general assembly. "You will start a business failure" has entered the people’s dictionary." She said.

According to the

Business School of Harvard University, senior lecturer in business management, GSK · Gauss (Shikhar Ghosh) a study from 30% to 40% for risk investment startups burned most or all of the financing, 70% to 80% failed to bring investors expected return.

failed to glory

now, the failure of the experience in a number of Silicon Valley start-ups have become a kind of honor, entrepreneurs have to tell their own stories of failure.

In an article entitled "I failed today," the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Chris · (Chris

) has no qualms about the failure of his painting game application DrawQuest (Poole). "There is no soft landing, no beautiful ending." Poole wrote in February.

in the next 720 words, his tone is a little repentance. Few people in the business community can understand the pain of CEO venture capital support failed." He wrote. He also said that his former technology start-up company Canvas also failed.

Poole explained to the reader, although the DrawQuest application downloads reached 1 million 400 thousand times, but this does not allow it to survive. "Seemingly successful products fail, which may be surprising. But this often happens."


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