How do you find the money in his website promotion

in recent days to see the new version of the Three Kingdoms, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the emperor was impressed! Young incompetence, traitor Dong Zhuo in power, so that the people slack, ambitious four anti war, great disorder under heaven repeatedly; the so-called chaotic hero! Liu Bei is a hero, I see people admire three. Zhu Geliang before the loyalty of heart and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yunsan, Reggie. Although few soldiers seeking than Cao and defeated, but the generals no betrayal and Yuezhanyueyong faith is stronger; after the Sangumaolu Zhu Geliang worship for you and spirit with me and I don’t prefer people with negative negative people "makes Zhu Geliang hell-bent follow, is invincible.

I have engaged in the

network to make money not long before also understand, and are interested in. At the same time, 1 months ago to apply for a domain name in the name of the station to test the feasibility of happiness Taobao, only to the shelves to the server after three days on the rank of Google, and adhere to the present, for me to earn a little money to spend money on the third. Midway is a pity originally on 1 weeks after Baidu has dropped from more than and 400 to 63, and later changed the title and Title Description, resulting in Baidu T keyword stuffing is Not the least trace was found. we can’t do this, oh oh. Fortunately, after half a month in Baidu and a new ranking. Now happy Taobao search index does not hey Amoy network index is high, so I immediately from the new application for a domain name 9hitao.com used as a test station to do Amoy network. Title Description of the layout of the main keyword hey Amoy network, Baidu is a good ranking included. Here I would like to briefly talk about some of my promotion methods.

a, the use of popular keywords

before I do happy Taobao station in Baidu search inside the index, the highest index is 12W, is too high, so I immediately began to do such a key station, etc. I have done 1 weeks later found that many such stations. So, you have to seize the opportunity to step ahead will save you a lot of things to promote.

two, the importance of the station chain

is the site of the chain I test all the web site that is a very important link, that is, in each page with the site’s main keywords anchor text link. I believe we all understand this, but not too many people to do or did not think.

three, update driver

website each page has to do to update the drive to attract search engine spiders, so that the snapshot will always update, I stand now, in addition to Baidu, the snapshot will be updated every day.

four, key chain


chain anchor text keyword ranking is a very important link, can not be ignored. The chain is not the more the better, but the better the better. Why is 7W to Cao defeated Yuan Shao 70W because less Cao army?. Why Gome advertising has always been to buy appliances to the United States, money does not regret it, because he will always be the only one of the main advertising language. The site is the same, for example the station I, I will happy happy Taobao Taobao keyword outside this name >

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