Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce is a kind of product, which is a turtle. Electronic commerce to China fell, the city surrounded by rural people’s war, a vast expanse of water. This is so, because I first saw the electronic commerce to make money, is a flower. In order to get a clear understanding of the problems of e-commerce in China, I reread Comrade Xiaoping ‘s theory on the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as the Chairman Mao’ s works on encircling the cities from the countryside. Let’s talk about feelings.

our country whether the introduction of what is love, first find a model, analyzing and imitating innovation, e-commerce is no exception. So the first successful e-commerce model to find the AMAZON, which is a fundamental mistake, because she is also a turtle. Our e-commerce website forget that we are not suitable for raising turtles, AMAZON’s success depends on the kind of capital environment, network infrastructure, credit system, distribution links, these do not have to create AMAZON. While our ecommerce website does not have these conditions, so we can learn to learn e-commerce website, learn CXO, learn X2X, learn to burn, learned to publish monthly annual deficits do not blush. Why blush? Because we have so many children in the school, there are so many laid-off workers living difficulties). The bigger mistake is that even the AMAZON began to do only the book of e-commerce, our e-commerce site is one of the top 20 categories, hundreds of small classes. This is not in line with the characteristics of the national conditions, it is doomed to failure. Even more ridiculous is that e-commerce sites have to compete for the first place, the portal is the first to fight for it, you do not grasp the e-commerce site to do real business, grab the first to do? Service first is the most important. (complain about it here)


Can not be contrary to the traditional industrial development and the development of electronic commerce law >

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