Knight personal webmaster how to adhere to the way to make money

Hello, I am the knight, with you today talk about Adsense how to earn money! First ask you a question: the new station, there are a few months to earn 2000 of the site? We all know that the Internet is not so simple to make money, do network platform votes need to invest, not only energy or money?

like "Knight station" is the people who make the traffic IDC want to advertise in your website. Now Baidu search "webmaster" knight has been ranked in the home station. Now website make money has two options, one is a single keyword, such as: Wangzhuan forum, campus network, QQ space code keyword can row on the first page could earn some money. Site traffic is king. The general method of others, he can make money will not tell you. Just in line with the logic of the theory, it is difficult to really implement the webmaster.

knight that: if three years later, do earn tens of thousands. Vision is low, the target position is good, strong implementation ah! Do stand summary: find a good way, insist, insist, insist, improve and improve. Even if you collect the line, there are ways to collect, but it is difficult to collect professional, difficult to do the brand, and people tend to become lazy.

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