Are you bound by the word making money online

over the past few years, people want to make money online, but 80% have not earned a penny. 20% of the population of 90% people in recent days did not reach the income 50 yuan. The reason is that they don’t have the means. There are still some people are "network to make money," the word to bind. Make money online novice like a headless flies flying around, go to the wall. By the Internet these days earn hundreds of thousands of days to give up his head. In his subconscious will think the Internet should be profiteering industry, as long as the success of a project, make a few hundred is relatively easy, O Chun does not deny that the Internet is a low threshold, high profit business tool.

used to do Wangzhuan may not need technology, a chat room also easily earn hundreds of dollars every day. Belong to pure fool to make money, no technical content. There are a lot of opportunistic projects can be done, because at that time people rarely do the internet. Internet users have just learned to surf the internet. In recent years is not the same, and now even junior high school students are a part-time webmaster. College students also have a lot of. Opportunistic network to make money era has passed, the future is more than who has strong comprehensive ability. Who’s more resources, if wants to through the network business, but also need to have the day. Place and people.

most of the network novice, just entering the industry when. Look at the data are a few years ago has been eliminated items. General new one to enter the industry is basically in the search engine to search some information, but the real valuable information will not be disclosed. Experts are making money in a low-key. This is not only a novice, there are a lot of mixed up on the network for one or two days of friends have such a problem, there are a lot of information inside the computer. But I never touched it, and it’s a hobby.

There are some people on the

network found his way narrower and narrower, smaller and smaller. Well, Chun tells you that you have entered your own "alley thinking", and when you get into the "alley thinking," then your mind becomes narrower. So how to get out of your lane thinking? People into their lanes of thinking, after all is desire, when you desire together broke out and impatient. In fact, into the alley thinking. There are ideals and goals, when the desire to break out when people tend to forget their goals and ideals, to achieve your ideals by doing rather than thinking. Everything is a process, I remember when I was in the senior high school entrance examination is not admitted to high school, went to a private high school art, so I do not know how I became the art students of art itself is not a cold. When I was a child, I was very bad. I remember when I was in primary school, the teacher asked me to draw Tiananmen. I painted the house of Tiananmen green. I didn’t know why I was happy. A painting is not good, I went to high school to learn is art, art students. And admitted to the university through the Arts (also returned to school for 2 years).


was in high school, he could not draw a sketch. The teacher looked at me anxious, one day beside me to change my painting. The teacher told me

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