nternet Entrepreneurship do a good job to subvert the traditional industry the five points of pain

Lei Jun said in an interview a few days ago, the Internet is a kind of thinking, is a way to consider the problem. Will be armed with this thinking of traditional industry achievement may also be subversive, thus "Internet plus traditional industry will greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese economy, the huge increase the operation efficiency, will further enhance the competitiveness of China globalization."

however, for many entrepreneurs, the choice of how to cut the mouth, and how to avoid all kinds of pits in the entrepreneurial process, which is a crucial issue. The Internet entrepreneur has a piece of the Red Sea, but we can seek a breakthrough from the traditional industries, and the use of Internet tools and Internet marketing means to make this point continue to enlarge, such business chapter law.

next, the small series will discuss the Internet and traditional industries combined, a few big pain points, I hope these pain points can also help just stepped into the Internet business friends.

pain points: good product

understand what they are doing in the end product, the product is positioned on the internet. Specifically, it is to let the user know you are compared with the traditional industrial products what is the difference? Secondly, is the quality of the products, the Internet product is different from traditional industry products, only to do the ultimate product is likely to win in the Internet, like small meters now, don’t forget it, no matter how how awesome, he is also based on the excellent quality of products. If one day, when the millet mobile phone and three domestic mobile phone like flow, there will be so many Rice noodles follow millet? On the production of the products, we can use the Internet thinking, consider providing advice and allow users to participate in product design, will greatly enhance the user of a kind of intimacy the transformation of traditional industries Internet products.

In addition to the

of a product and a product you don’t forget, is your website, it is also a crucial product, be sure to make a high quality website, both are under the foot on the site running speed, page design, product display, allow the user to use this website know your product is meaningful to him, help.

pain point two: do brand

how so many people remember you? We think, what people remember, remember how Meizu is super TV? The answer is only one, do Internet brand, the transformation of traditional industries to do the Internet must first do their own brand, but also to do Internet brand. Our point of view, the traditional industry brand path is: first hit fame, do reputation, and finally maintain loyalty. The Internet is a product that is the brand, it is the path to do first and then make a reputation, visibility, and often it is difficult to establish loyalty. So the first thing we should consider is how to do product loyalty, make the product into the user’s heart, to a certain extent when we do visibility, do the brand, so as to form a strong brand impression in the minds of users. The last thing is, in this

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