Restore the venture inner peace is the wealth itself

editor’s note: This article is the author of the three drugs for the well-known website and web game company founder, had previously been a senior editor of IT media, witnessed the early development of China’s internet.

The first thing

knew about his T was his software, which was a night in late 1997, when I was in college with a college student at home on the Internet, looking for resources and writing Modem software. Years later, I realized that we were being used by college teachers to complete his business software. At that moment, we just face the challenge of the world and all these procedures.

we found a middleware Cell component on the website. The use of Cell components, only a few simple programming knowledge, you can complete a software like Excel, which for us, almost the original man with the machine off the gun. And this software is at the time in the field of the world, is absolutely original and leading.

so when I became a media editor to go on a business trip in Beijing, I contacted T, the author of idol Cell software. T Jun was already in the business, because the Cell component in overseas selling, T Jun income just to feed a team of 4-5 people, but also rented a small room inside the Friendship Hotel as an office. Talk down, Mr. T was the first generation of UFIDA software UFO core programmers, the UF has come to the fore, and he was like our young people today, began his entrepreneurial dreams. Mr. T was a tall, loud, impoverished, ambitious, he is all entrepreneurs I had ever seen, most people eager for success. So, he is not satisfied with the Cell component in the year of 1998 hundreds of thousands of overseas income, Beijing programmers have gathered in Zhongguancun near the time, all that time gap between the rich and the poor is not obvious, today’s brother is in the wilderness, the best show is to buy a set of housing.

May 18, 2001, UFIDA company listed shares listed on the first day, more than 100 yuan. Every day to report the story of the acquisition of Silicon Valley, I joked to call T Jun, said your boss listed, in accordance with the practice of the United States, he should buy software company. You can talk to him. Is just a week, Mr. T told me on phone, UF 20 million bought him and his Cell component. T Jun talked about the details at the time: on the table, Wang Wenjing let him quote. He said 20 million, not counter-offer, Wang Wenjing agreed. T Jun to this, the performance of some regret, probably at this moment, he thought his works sell low prices.

T you get the money, but not to care about the future of Cell components, a part he will get the money to his entrepreneurial team, probably hundreds of thousands per person, the housing prices in Wangjing in 2001, or 4000 square meters, is a huge sum of money. At the time of the strategic planning of UFIDA software is the enterprise software, so Mr. T to set up a new face of enterprise software company, to C>

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