Shop Samsung is so into practice

, I believe many of my friends like me, on the road in Wangzhuan have been confused, confused. In order to have a few registered members, and T group; once for a few cents click ads, IP conversion and stop; had to earn several ringtones and countless garbage stickers…… But we’re still struggling. In order to survive, for a better tomorrow.

may be really tired, I bid farewell to CPC, CPA, put most of the time into the shop. Although the shop has many advantages, such as no cost, no geographical restrictions, small investment, low risk. But open shop, but also to go through many hardships.

1: commodity positioning. What kind of products are suitable for online sales? I just started to sell low price brand products, but there is no purchase channels. After the agency of adult products, but a girl selling this also feel strange, coupled with a lot of products are limited, the market has been unable to open. Finally, I chose to sell specialty, more geographical features, not easy to find in the local.

two: sourcing. I used to work at night time to run the wholesale market, search for Fujian local specialties, such as Gulangyu Islet seafood pie, pickled bamboo shoots dry cargo, etc.. Due to small volume, in order to ensure the freshness of the stuff, and then someone orders to wholesale goods, carrying 10 pounds of things in the crowded bus, sometimes something less, in order to save money and go half an hour on the way back.

three: pricing strategy I take is a slow penetration strategy: that is to determine the lower price, lower promotional inputs, and gradually win the buyers groups. I belong to the daily consumer goods, buyers are sensitive to the price (such as postal cartons). Coupled with the newly opened shop, credit is not high, only to attract people.

four: I plan to take is to buy a delivery method, that is, according to the number of goods to buy, in the case of not overweight, give other goods. Win more repeat customers.

five: logistics is very important to choose a reputable logistics company. I generally use Taobao recommended index high. Follow up after delivery.

six: after the sale of goods to the Buyer immediately asked about the arrival of the situation, for example, there is no damage, concerned about the buyer’s satisfaction, listen to the buyer.

shop for more than two months, although only Samsung, but looking at the shop every day to grow, that kind of fun and sense of accomplishment, is my greatest motivation. Would like to open a shop friends can communicate with me http://s.shop35271769.taobao.com.

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