Personal electronic magazine earnings

on the Internet since the electronic magazine production software free, making a beautiful electronic magazine is no longer difficult, therefore, to discuss the profit pattern of electronic magazine is necessary, I according to the experience of several of their own, hoping to help.


mode: electronic magazine and the combination of e-commerce, theory is not well explained, I use an example to explain, I hope everyone can use.

if you have a website is the electronic commerce website of female franchise cosmetic products, in order to improve your product sales, you might as well do the electronic magazine about the female beauty, write about how beauty ah like the article, with recommended several good cosmetic results are (of course, products are sold on your site), given the link address, so that the target user targeted, the turnover rate is high, the electronic magazine, there are a lot of sharing electronic magazine website online, you share what you can, you can also store a combination of.

and Taobao

mode: two electronic magazines and websites, product promotion together, I also use examples to explain, with my website to explain, my website is on the promotion of learning, we do this on the website to promote learning electronic magazine, some articles, links to get a few websites in the article, it can bring some traffic to your site, but also be able to sell some of the products.

this article starts to promote learning www.topxuexi.com, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you!

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