P2P point network for women entrepreneurs to open a green channel to help finance 2 million 600 thou

today, we ushered in the women’s day, a P2P enterprise – point melting network, but also in March this year, the official launch of the loan approval fee of half of the discount activities, help women entrepreneurs.

Ceng Shuping, was awarded the 2012 China Women Entrepreneurs Association, the outstanding women of the year award in 2009, "Kunming science and Technology Progress Award", "Kunming ten outstanding entrepreneurs in the year of the year" and other honors. More than 10 years ago, she embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the establishment of the Yunnan Dongfanghong enterprise, China’s energy-saving emission reduction industry to make a significant contribution. From a weak woman who has no hard work, to now have hundreds of billions of assets.

but even worth hundreds of billions of dollars, while expanding the size of the enterprise, but also face financing problems. She wants to develop new forests to improve air quality. February 2014, had decided to borrow 2 million 600 thousand yuan to expand the business. But it’s not easy to get 2 million 600 thousand dollars. Due to the bank’s approval process for a long time, so after a comprehensive consideration, Ms. Zeng turned to P2P this new site to borrow.

in the understanding and comparison of many domestic P2P website, Ms. Zeng finally chose to borrow money in the point of the network. Point of the transparent network security, security is the primary reason she chose to point to the net loan. In addition, the point of the financial network experienced management team is also an important reason for the selection of the point of melting network.

Su Haide, founder of

point of view, believes that women are less likely than men to be in society, so they are willing to give more support to female entrepreneurs. In his personal financial investment, he is particularly concerned about women’s business venture projects, as much as possible to provide opportunities for female entrepreneurs. The melting point of the network core management team, nearly half of the managers are women, therefore, to Ms. such outstanding entrepreneur, the melting point of the network management team is very supportive, specially set up financing shortcut for her.

received a loan application after Ms. Zeng, the point of the financial network risk control team quickly contacted ms.. As a well-known enterprises in Yunnan province and the national energy-saving emission reduction pioneer enterprises, the melting point of the network risk control team believes that the enterprise’s credit, to have risk rating companies in MS B1, given a preferential lending rate of 11.99%, and in order to support women entrepreneurs, the melting point of the network for the opening of "green channel", after Ms. Zeng submitted the information, risk control team in 24 hours to complete all the audit process, the loan will be out at the end of February on the line in time. The 2 million 600 thousand of the 6 month loan from 7 pm to second days on the line more than 12 noon, just 17 hours all lend, a total of 637 investors, the average investment of 4080 yuan, the largest P2P, so don’t know each other people to lend money to the borrower strange. The audit process is highly efficient and rapid financing for Ms. Zeng’s business has brought immediate investment in R & D production.

it is understood that the point of the network technology from the United States well-known P2P platform Lending Club, after

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