Discussion on whether Taobao will become the new entrance of Taobao

The word

, Taobao customer at present, in the mass of Amoy friends, this is not a very familiar name, everyone is more familiar or taobao.com, talking about more or taobao.com, taobao.com into still used to open Taobao from the favorites page, or enter the search engine search taobao.com

then Taobao will continue to influence customers stay in the present stage? Has been hidden in the home under the taobao.com? Believe that Taobao, or Taobao off hand bought goods Amoy answers are different

from Taobao customer analysis

has not been successful Taobao guest think so: the current online world liar too much, the vigilance of Internet users is getting higher and higher, want to be a successful Taobao guest is not everyone can. Taobao.com fame has been great, address or remember, we all love to find, directly into the Taobao home page to buy


has successfully taken Taobao customers to promote the hard time, have begun to have income, or has already earned pockets bulging with friends, the answer may be not the same as above, Taobao customers as long as work harder, perhaps will replace taobao.com home, into the new entrance into Taobao to buy goods.

we analyze, in the network world, network fraud case I want to emerge in an endless stream, which is needless to say, everyone was afraid of swindlers, so in the face of a less familiar words, an unfamiliar crowd, the majority of Amoy friends may be more open to love has been in the Taobao bookmarks URL, heart is more practical, for Taobao customers, this is undoubtedly a very difficult, want to put the authentic Taobao home page to your Taobao or Taobao blog guest guest website instead of Amoy friends in a bookmark, it is very difficult.

some people will say, not all Amoy friends are so understand, or else there will not be so many cases cheated.

indeed, we look at Taobao’s weekly rankings, ranked first in the income is generally tens of thousands, how they do it?

sometimes, Amoy friends for this lack of knowledge is beneficial for Taobao customers, advertising is to see who? Of course not for people in or on the very well the people, advertising is for those who do not know this is advertising people, or know this is advertising but also to hit people, sometimes we must use this "loophole" Amoy, Amoy friends and win recognition, let more e-shop.if know the name of Taobao, so let Taobao customers become the new Taobao entrance is not possible.

analysis from Amoy friends

as a friend, everyone wants to buy cheap and affordable goods in Taobao, Taobao will enter every time for the same commodities to a relatively large, if taobao.com is a reality of the mall, I think the world is the most popular local Taobao, Taobao is also the most chaotic place.

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