Station single page website will gradually replace the multi page website

now, there are now more and more people are engaged in the industry of amoy. The Tao guest promotion means is more and more widely. But no matter in the past, now or in the future, the website promotion or the Tao guest promotion of important means, but the construction and improve the site is getting better and better, more and more diversified.

Remember when

just launched Amoy, then a few sets of station program. I have written some master or is not out of the program, or use the money to buy some of the source code, is not some public little value guest program. Many people want to do station had to search for their own web applications on the Internet, there are a lot of people to buy online. For a time, station program also became popular. With more and more people involved in the industry and the guest, guest program has been slowly to keep up with the pace, while the original station layout, art and so on has gradually lost its original aura, is not love what kind of consumers are slowly interface – after all, the original station with the fact that Taobao is almost landing up your son is aimlessly, goods everywhere, there is no specific. Later, some guest master slowly revamped their website, after the revision of the website is more beautiful, more targeted, more in line with people’s search habits.

in this process, a number of single page station also imperceptibly in take out. This single page station has obtained the Tao guest recognition, so more and more of the Tao guest abandoned the original multi page website into a single page of commodity promotion. It is not difficult to see that the near future, single page station will gradually replace the multi page station. Then, a single page station with multi page station what advantage? Let us analysis.

1, single page website is simple, easy to build. Look at the above site, we can easily find that the station is too simple, is a presentation of L-carnitine (weight loss products) a product list, a few pictures, anyone can see.

2, a single page theme, in line with people’s lazy psychological habits. Just imagine, multi page so many goods are made people into the maze, the station can bring the interest to online shopping? We can stand in the perspective of online shopping, compared with single page and multiple pages of our website, more love to the station to buy goods.

3, a single page more in line with the SEO, more in line with the search engines and rankings. You can search for slimming products, anti acne products, whitening products and so on, these keywords ranking in front of the site is almost a single page website, this also shows that the single page site more search engine welcome.

4, a single page site layout clear, promote targeted products. Single page site is generally recommended targeted products. For example, the typical single page station, is the main promotion of slimming products, look at this station keywords are: L-carnitine, L-carnitine, L-carnitine slimming effective the brand, so it.

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