How can help start up companies to improve their business

some time ago to practice in a startup, dozens of people are in the team, gradually expand the scale of the stage, but the collaboration of the whole company and the daily management is more and more trouble, because I used to Saas and collaboration platform all have a little research, so leader asked me to find a simple, easy to use well, "the tools to facilitate the management and operation of the company, to help better.

I am a heavy user of WeChat, WeChat dozens of public concern, and almost only WeChat and friends and classmates exchange. So I thought, if you can use WeChat to manage the company, it is too cool. Use WeChat to work, is not impossible, Tencent official WeChat enterprise number is born because of this demand.

so the question is, what is the WeChat enterprise number?

do this for two years since the media of the fire, most of them are using WeChat public, WeChat had only the public number is divided into two kinds, one is a subscription number, service number, but the two are in the face of ordinary users. Not long ago, Tencent has added a WeChat public number – enterprise number, the number of enterprises is the use of the object of the enterprise, and only belong to the enterprise employees to pay attention and use. Limited number of enterprises, but also more private. WeChat enterprise number, equivalent to the official production of a Tencent office platform.

I quickly registered WeChat enterprise, but in the process of using felt unsatisfactory, because the Tencent enterprise function of some single, can not fully meet the needs of the company, such as attendance, leave and so on are not the corresponding function. In the official website of the Tencent WeChat enterprise recommended inside, I found that the "Haagen Dazs" business, looks very perfect, so I went to consult their special operations personnel, is how to do it, they told me that they are using a smooth shift

After understanding

, smooth shift founder Zhao Yong is a former Tencent chiefs, responsible for Tencent after leaving a lot of products, start doing smooth shift, smooth shift is the first Tencent invited third party developers, can achieve more powerful function based on the WeChat enterprise. Do an analogy, WeChat enterprise number is like the Tencent to give you a 300 square clear water room, the house is big enough, but we live in is not particularly comfortable, because nothing. The move is based on the expansion of the number of WeChat enterprise, it is equivalent to the clean room for the renovation, and also installed a 4K TV 100M fiber and top with a computer, which undoubtedly allows us to live more comfortable. Simple WeChat enterprise number, after the expansion of the move, it will become very strong, strong enough to support the day-to-day management of a business.

in use, smooth shift to achieve a "Yun fan in Jane, all functions can be completed on WeChat. Simple does not mean simple, these work through a wealth of modules to achieve, business owners can choose different modules to achieve different functions, so as to cover all aspects of the work of the enterprise.


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