Can you close your website

your site can be turned off, if you are a webmaster or planner, you will follow my ideas, think for 5 minutes, if not closed, a little bit of usefulness because these are the years I see examples of the epitome of your  

why did I write this topic?.

met 3 webmaster today. A webmaster will run hard 2 years of site 2000 sold, a webmaster flow from 2 years ago to 10 thousand now 100

your site must be immediately shut down for
1) you are operating the erotic websites, if you don’t want to let my youth to the prison, you continue to open your sex website
2) your website relates to politics and some are not suitable for individuals or small companies permission please immediately shut down, change is the best choice for your
3) your web business to cheat marketing shopping, immediately shut down, cheat money is not warm, you have been on the estimation,

your site must be closed for
1) you are doing useless work site don’t do web site navigation success era of hao123 has been in the past, if you do not have sufficient resources to do before 200 website you or sell advertising to navigation more come true, "br / do you have to download the software no longer have the advantages of searching. Are you going to rely on what to promote your website, and you are just trying to flow past as trassient as a fleeting cloud will not come again, because of the large has been great. We have missed the time
some of the traditional personal website mode is no longer a chance of denver. Can survive even among

2) you can’t see the money of the website can also turn off

3) do not see the future of the site can also close the

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