2007 Wangzhuan traffic exchange power 10 yuan will be able to cash

China advertising network (http://s.www.guanggaowang.cn/) is the Hongkong dragon company’s advertising website,

  is the most close to the webmaster and advertising distributors of the flow exchange alliance.

                there are 2 main categories:

                1, the exchange of information between the Webmaster: release their own ads to our system, and put our ads to your site, to achieve flow swap;

                2, the webmaster put paid advertising to make money: we undertake the advertising publisher paid advertising, and the release of the intermediate above the webmaster to earn advertising fees;

                the lowest flow rate can be harvested at the station, but also can be put on paid advertising to earn the RMB, our minimum is 10 yuan to raise the current $.

                we promise:

                free access to traffic;

                  our advertising code is absolutely without poison;
                absolute payment, as long as you ready for Alipay or bank account, pay 10 yuan.

              echocardiography to come, do not try to deny, let a good opportunity to miss what a pity!

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