Li Tianfang founder of the curriculum lattice from small demand cut bigger market

Li Tianfang, a typical 80, founded in August 2012, the college curriculum social application curriculum from the curriculum to the grid, it needs small collection of social elements will be the students’ daily activities together, has become the most popular domestic curriculum application. This interview is mainly to talk about how he made a small curriculum to make a large pattern of ten million.

entered the course team lattice in the Dongzhimen office, clear the minimalist style of bright spots, humanity and scientific atmosphere to the face. The source of this thick Silicon Valley wind, from the founder of the curriculum lattice – Li Tianfang.

Li Tianfang went to the United States to study at the age of 6, after reading the university to join Microsoft to become a software engineer, and then participated in the big data company Palantir early business. Three years later he left Silicon Valley and returned home to start a business. Following the plan FM, the curriculum is its return home after the start of the third products, is by far the most successful products.

do not give yourself the label of the course lattice

"what do you think is the Internet thinking?"

has become a bit of a problem since last week’s debate over the country’s tech media circles and entrepreneurial circles for a pancake.

On the properties of the

application is the course grid tools, campus and social, but in fact Li Tianfang does not give his team labeled as such, as some domestic entrepreneurial team as we do the from first to last shout "XX Baidu" or "I want to do in the field of XX 58 city" — if you must stick label, Li Tianfang wants to give his team posted on Geek, Hacker, Scientist (geek, hackers, scientists) such a label.

tags so that we can find more suitable for the team fresh blood, rather than to limit their product direction.

in fact, the development process of curriculum lattice is unlike some entrepreneurial team that is a top-down (from the perspective of entrepreneurs) the birth process. The curriculum grid itself is a project that is led by the user.

Li Tianfang’s team before a product is planning FM, which is an open to all people to share activities and plans for the application. After running for some time, the team found that the product’s excellent activities mainly from two directions, one is the Internet and the other is a university. Later, FM plans to respond to user needs to do a version of the campus plan FM, increase the curriculum function, and soon the campus version of the user is more than the normal version, Li Tianfang knew that they need to change the direction of the team.

back to the topic of Internet thinking, what is the Internet thinking?

rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and user interaction development.

at the beginning of our

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