Method for applying GG alliance 100%

GG alliance can be said is a lot of parents, so how to apply to GG? Here today I got to apply GG experience to share with everyone, hope to be able to help. Well, here are the steps:

1, before applying for GG you must enrich your website, at least get a 100 article.

2, what kind of website easily through professional website? Easier to pass, that is to say, if your site is the kind of small and refined through relatively easily, for example, my website is designed to do www.ceshiya.cn test, psychological test, love test sites like small fine comparison.

3, if your site has reached above two steps, basically by what is not difficult, and now have to do is to let the search engine included your site, and then in the Alexa Rankings to raise a little, not too high, as long as the ranking is ok. This is not necessary, some better.

if your site to do the above 3, basically is through the 100%, I was at that time on the 2 day. Well, so much to write, and later have a good experience in the A5 share to everyone!

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