Wangzhuan is a continuous learning process

my sophomore year, the school is not good, and the selection of professional is not very good, came to school feel that they are not learning material. All I do not know when to learn, know all day playing games, CS games also got the first school, ha ha, pull away! On the second or later this life, because money is bad, so that when the day is to find ways to make money, inadvertently found "Wangzhuan" this thing on the Internet can make money? And later saw a lot of so-called day earn hundreds or even thousands of ah, this suddenly fascinated me, so in January 09 I officially contact Wangzhuan "".

said funny, when my computer knowledge can be described as the worst, when the freshman computer class is not good to listen to, playing games all day, even ordinary office software will not be used. But I have to Wangzhuan interested, the first is the PTC click, Chinese investigation, such as free surfing Wangzhuan, for a month, can only be described as dismal, only NeoBux a sum of $2 dollars, but this little but my first paycheck, I was determined to formally enter the Wangzhuan the reason. Later found free Wangzhuan not to do a website promotion is impossible to earn what money


found someone cheating to earn money, I want to forget it, I a person is stupid, did not have that ability, I think two is through formal channels to really learn something! Station? No! I even Word or not also skilled website? This is not a joke not? OK, determined to do well, Yu Shixian contact for novice website the most simple Web authoring software Frontpage, will only make a static website, 10 days of basic operations get skilled, half a month to do a simple website, I’m stupid, do not know how to promote early, then began a large number of go to the forum post, sent by QQ advertising, but a lot of work has little effect. So, immediately stop this method, looking for a better way to promote the site and found that SEO optimization is a popular method of promotion. At first sight, is it a superb skill? Can I learn it? No matter what, start fighting!

this time is the end of March, the website in early March by Baidu included, at the end of March started slowly SEO optimization, gradually I found that SEO is indeed very powerful, this time in addition to a basic rebate work, is the practice of SEO, made more than 1 months, it was a little bit better. "Make money online" the Baidu keyword row to the top, because my PR value is zero, so get some weight high site chain, promotion is not easy! I come slowly, in the school all day also.

in early April, this time is PTC money overall trough, so decided to focus on learning SEO, I almost became the Wangzhuan station SEO station I experiment. However, the time to return to the commission or to return to the Commission, can not lose the reputation, in the E gold forum also pulled a few stations off the assembly line, but

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