n ariri money contributed a few strokes

we are doing sales in Ali, this is my summary of experience:

1 products have skills: product window design of a company is often the first sight of the customer, who upload products must be equipped with a good picture, a good packaging image is the most attractive place, a good picture can let everyone on your brand or product to produce good in a good picture of your products so that we can have a detailed understanding of how to desire a good picture so that we can give you the opportunity to sell your product


2 companies ranking: every day to make their information retransmission information ranking; another has participated in the competition, you keep ranking.

3 to keep online, often find someone to chat, often use trade through the various functions, improve their activity. The higher the degree of activity, the ranking in the industry in the former. Offline is like a closed shop, the customer is out of the door.

4 we have to take the initiative: the company library to search for cooperation objects, plus friends or batch message.

5 is found for the first time and your products are related to the purchase information, contact the purchase business opportunities not timely, et al, in so many purchase information in total for you. There will always be people who you don’t succeed in cooperation. The one or two call to lose confidence in the communication with the customer in a timely manner, because we have such a feeling, some customers tend to be much more anxious, if you did the first time and contact him, his single may go on to another home


6 Analysis of customers: stay alert, as much as possible to view each other’s information to determine the true and false customers.

7 is often in the forum activities, enhance their visibility, your popularity is high, so people will pay attention to your products, then there will be fame, customers take the initiative to come. So that customers can easily remember the pictures. You


8 to treat every customer to let the customer feel the same, your company’s standard (because the general network company has a person in charge), companies pay much attention to the customer. Reply to the Advisory questions patiently, and be sure to use polite and respectful tone in response. In this way, can let you feel to you the company more formal


9 blog marketing: Here you can introduce the company’s history and culture, there is a section of the industry to introduce products. It is best to make an analysis of the product in the industry, but fortunately because each article will be written to remind their friends.

10 no matter is the forum or chatting with friends, must maintain a civilized language, keep in the forum’s image, because you are on behalf of the company, representing the brand. There are a few days to want to say hello to each group of the morning, out of courtesy and let people remember you.

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