Make money is still the truth in Amoy promotion

see a lot of posts that do Amoy promotion month earn thousands, you envy it, inviting? Do Amoy promotion money is in or the truth? I can earn so much money, or in order to improve the online (website) popular deliberately say so much? If it can make guest promotion what do? Sold out that ordinary people can make money doing guest promotion is to engage in marketing blog and forum marketing in two ways, of course, have their own web sites to make money for guest promotion. Here mainly to talk about the blog marketing and marketing to make money.

network marketing is a superb collection of beautiful things, all kinds of. Search engines, online advertising, exchange links, advertising swaps, e-commerce, forums, blogs, etc.. For the general small and medium enterprises, to do the promotion will undoubtedly follow a principle, that is: seize every opportunity around, and strive to minimize the cost to get the maximum benefit.

network marketing in many cases, not necessarily the purpose of direct online sales. However, it can bring some indirect effect to the enterprise, such as: enhance brand awareness and reputation, strengthen communication with customers and expand external information dissemination channels and so on.

a blog as an example, the blog marketing can be said to be a new kind of viral marketing. I don’t directly sell products to you, but I can communicate with you over a long period of time. Its value is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, directly bring potential users;

2, reduce website promotion cost;

3, the contents of the search engine is included, thus increasing the search engine on the site and product attention;

4, increase the number of links to enterprise sites, improve traffic;

5, from the side or to the user’s identity to promote the product, enhance credibility;

6, enhance brand awareness

7, expand external information distribution channels, etc.

blog is a personalized performance, the audience of small space, in the process of transmission, sporadic. Blog can attract people who have a common interest to come, for the purpose of marketing group. Users can communicate with each other to attract potential users, blog for the enterprise to provide a platform for communication, it is more focused on interactivity and participation, it is complementary to the traditional platform integration, complement each other. Blog is becoming a new form of advertising. Careful people are not difficult to find, now the major portals of the home page, fifty percent of the content, are the link of the blog or forum. So how to make their blog articles appear in the home page, there are many factors, such as attention, novelty, click rate

forum marketing there are several places to pay attention to. In order to find the highly targeted industry forum, the forum is established according to industry or interest

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