90 Entrepreneurs selling rice and do not distinguish T

to work for large companies than their own business after graduation to build a team to meet the Internet boom

has been "idiotic" seems to become a 90 label. However, in this year’s Internet boom, some 90 entrepreneurs said: I don ‘t, they do not even need to be understood. They believe: technical house, to the giant challenge, since the black, but not afraid of black, they feel that the youth too earth, there is no simple thing. After 70, 80 after the collective memories do not catch a cold".

Whether it is "Shuo

powder brother Zhang Tianyi, face adorable master Guo column, or North Sea Sun Yuchen, in their interpretation of the 90" idealism ": Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to do great things, is the pursuit of the ideal, the details do not care.

Sun Yuchen

from Peking University to Walton business school to venture

wearing Google glasses Sun Yuchen feel so cool". Even the "loading force model" "cannon", did not care to say: "Don t care" (I don’t care).

was born in 1990, he is the founder and CEO of sharp wave technology, the chief representative of Greater China Ripple Labs. He says his ambition is to build a new value network.

return home to start a new payment system

Guangzhou Daily: you go home to create sharp wave company, mainly to do?

Sun Yuchen: Ripple labs designed a Ripple protocol, trying to make different currencies free, free, zero delay exchange, creating a value network to support the centralized payment system. For example, international telegraphic transfer is about 2 to 3 working days. Bitcoin may be an hour, but in the sharp wave network about 3 to 5 seconds. What we are doing is to localize the agreement in China as soon as possible.

Guangzhou Daily: if you can implement, international small remittance can be completed online?

Sun Yuchen: I hope so, but I need a bank.

from "three students" to Walton School of business

Guangzhou Daily: all the way you are the leader?

Sun Yuchen: in fact, I had poor academic performance, reading in Huizhou, read the high school grades are very poor, hovering around three. High school spent a year, from more than and 300 points, up to 650 points, doubled.

high school, I got the ninth prize in the new concept of composition, but also by the north to get the score of 20 points. I think the long-term life in the examination oriented education system, personal self-esteem was suppressed. A lot of people think you can not, weak burst. Although I won the first prize in the new concept, but the college entrance examination score is still very low (laughs).


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