Knife my monthly income of 10000 Amazon growth process

contact English SEO more than half a year, a lot of emotion, it was full of passion in this business. But the reality is often cruel, do not have a few days of the Chinese station flow. Insist on more than one month, it is downhearted, the competition may have relatively large number of video. For some time, often around AMAZON.comU.S. Amazon to buy a few things, such as clothes, trousers, cosmetics, milk powder what, I found the Amazon commissionable project: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com, we usually say is CPS, Taobao off a little like him

who was senior Kazakhstan

AMAZON AFF seems to have more than ten years, probably from the beginning of 96 years, it can be said that it is AFF achievements of AMAZON. Well, cut the crap, then I asked several friends in the United States, found that Amazon is very high popularity in the United States and usage, so basically solves a problem of conversion. Amazon has high credibility and perfect logistics system in the United States, which will allow you a single rate of return less, reminder: commissionable Amazon is the first 4%, the more you sell for more money, every month is starting from four percent


see this has reached ten percent.

at that time, I saw a lot of books on the Amazon is pretty good, I would like to do a book stand how I registered the domain name, which means that the best books in 200X recommend. Then I sort out some of the Amazon’s relatively good books, as well as some high priced professional data, price, introduction, pictures, I introduced the use of The Best Spinner rewrite. Looking for someone to do a WORDPRESS magzine class template, began to stand, a certain number of books published every day, at first very bitter. I have this and what is the main difference between the acquisition station delicate thing I do, what layout is also good, I am only in accordance with the optimization, the idea of the teacher of the station in the chain, the chain, etc.. Later updated every day is also more, has been included in the good, the flow in a month after the break 500IP/ days, the main chain of my article to the main station, and then attached a number of PROFILE. Operation is now half a year’s time, the daily flow of Google in February 24th code panda adjustment in the big increase, can reach 5000IP/ days, the conversion rate of about ten percent. note here, Google may be sensitive to the AFF link, you can do under clock


station about two months later, the basic stability began, of course there will be some natural chain, I also have some self blog, send some books related to the blog, anchor link to my master, and later also cultivated some Web2.0 open chain like bl>

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