Entrepreneurial State Party Hao senior media people to entrepreneurs four recommendations


Tencent three years of opening · senior media person open the three anniversary of Tencent, the Tencent open platform to gather millions of developers; "entrepreneur" magazine executive editor Fang Hao, 8 years of temper to search, an Internet entrepreneur media perspective for the four kinds of ability of entrepreneurs to read the success of the team’s business.

first, a keen insight into the user. Successful entrepreneurs, especially in the Chinese Internet environment, entrepreneurship, whether it is grassroots or elite will be keen to grasp the needs of users, the entry point is very accurate. Venture capital has done a name of 05 entrepreneurial state, a large topic, many of today’s listed companies such as car home, where to go, the 58 city, is the year of entrepreneurship. One of the common points of these successful projects, is the beginning of the business in their respective areas are identified user pain points.

second, forward-looking industry watch. Vision is not MOE, with forward-looking insight, good product layout and planning ahead is an important quality entrepreneurs can walk in the forefront of the industry. In this process, smart entrepreneurs can be combined with the environment to adjust and control the direction of entrepreneurship, which is also a test of the resilience of entrepreneurs. The "upstream" defense interaction "Three Kingdoms" of the game on the line in 2012 the Tencent open platform thoroughly after a fire, three months of total revenue reached 10 million. By the end of 2012 to start the layout of hand travel, and according to the actual conditions of good hand travel, page tour development ratio, just one year upstream interaction from the 0 to do the 1 billion 300 million, which is a very typical forward-looking layout. Page travel market opportunity is very good, after all, the competition is very intense, but also to do a page tour than two hand travel may be required and the cost of human labor is much more difficult. So for entrepreneurs, the initial stage of the business will face a lot of decision-making, the right thing to do at the beginning, we must do the right, because it can save a lot of time to do.

third, persistent tenacity. A project from start to end to the market, largely because the founder or entrepreneurial team to do this thing, how much power and tenacity of the orientation for, this is very important. Take the car home, 80 founder Li Xiang, founded in 2005, the car home, there are many car guide vertical sites already on the market, including BITAUTO, founded in 2000 2002, the Volkswagen Pacific Automotive Network etc.. Li Xiang did not feel a market to his satisfaction, he himself will be one of the best "a bunch of automotive products enthusiasts website", with the toughness, the 24 year old Li Xiang and eventually Pinqiang the entrepreneurial team leader status of automobile vertical websites.

fourth, switching mode, back platform, into the ecological. Mobile Internet platform to entrepreneurs to provide a new world, a new stage. At present, many mobile Internet entrepreneurs choose to live the Tencent open platform, to provide traffic support for development of Tencent. This platform continues to promote innovation is the case of China

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