How to do well in the service of weight loss in start up companies


is a group of people crowded bus, they always have comparative advantages. A car in the tall, rich and handsome have not been before, to squeeze onto the train bound for successful weight loss, it may be a worthwhile way to


two weeks before the main line of the gift of the start-up company Wantful laid off 1/3 employees from 26 to 17, in accordance with the general understanding that such personnel changes generally means that the company has made transport problem, but in fact not. Wantful has stable earnings and Investor Funding support. CEO John Poisson said the move is to allow the company to maintain lean body mass and business focus.

in 2012, we spent a lot of manpower in the expansion of the scale of business, product types from 300 to the development of the 4000. Now that goal has been achieved, we have to return to a ‘thin’ team state, focusing on how to do a good job of service."


Wantful is a platform for online gift giving with high quality and style. User login information and then fill in the recipient budget, the system will recommend some gift choice, the user selects the 12 alternative gifts, Wantful fine after the package sent to the recipient, the recipient from the 12 pick out a gift inside.


model solves the giver pick a gift and time-consuming problem, also let the recipient can really receive their gifts.

signs, Wantful operating in good condition: after obtaining $5 million 500 thousand of financing in 2012 March, the website, the mobile terminal product launches, product category is more and more abundant, the core function is also more and more perfect. According to Poisson said, due to the arrival of the holiday website traffic has increased a lot.

a lot of similar social gifts of entrepreneurs like fast, like explosive growth, but the growth of customers tend to come and go quickly. We want to see a little more, long-term maintenance of a group of design and quality of the pursuit of high-end customers. We are moving towards this goal, and now also initial results, profit margins, single transaction amount, user loyalty are not low."

so when investors were told that Wantful was poorly managed, it was hard for investors to believe.

Poisson said downsizing is only downsizing, and team management is not a big relationship. Wantful is Poisson’s fourth venture, he felt able to understand the real needs of users is the key to the success or failure of the project. Last year they spent some time on it, there are many users in the market sector response team personnel need not so much, this is also an important factor contributing to Wantful layoffs.

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