Star number is relief event Wangzhuan article

not long ago, we all have the impression that the 600 star phone leaked things, who moved the stars of the phone, how much money to sell, we are not clear, we are not concerned about the topic. Today, we talk about the star leaked from the phone to see a glimmer of business opportunities, why the injured star?.

we all understand a simple truth, there are things and people’s attention, hot spots tend to be high, but also like Sister Lotus, Fan Paopao, pornographic and other such people and things. I personally do not pay so much attention to those things, I need more is how to find business opportunities, how to create business opportunities. Take the pornographic it, if you are the first to have photos of people, what would you do? Like like Sze and friends? Keep as a "vent" tool? Or sell? I think everyone will choose the latter, because it can change money, but a lot, but it is illegal the things we can do.

this morning to open the mailbox to receive a 539031988 QQ sent a message, he said there are a large number of "business information" asked me whether I need, I feel curious, he added QQ to see what. The man really online, this is our chat record

you see? Now what things can not sell? As long as you can think, what can be sold, in fact we have around a lot of business opportunities, as long as you think of the brain becomes money, do not need all day complaining about. In this paper, the original starting A5, I hope to give a little confidence in the list ha!

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