Why Taobao customers so angry shopping assistant assistant

the first one, the cry of a webmaster to now, 360 shopping assistant event is coming to an end. I generally browse some of the comments under the A5 users. A lot of people think that Taobao should not be 360 and these shopping assistants have opinions, but also their own reasons. First of all, 360, because the plug-in is not the development of the 360. Say shopping assistant plug-in, because this software is indeed to bring benefits to consumers, and then a lot of people agree that Taobao’s anger and cry is completely unnecessary.

really do not need to say that there is no need for users, most of whom are definitely not Taobao customers, because there is no harm to their vital interests, it is purely fun nature. I will not argue in this article and some of the nutritional point of view, and you look down to see if the author analyzes the truth.

shopping assistant is a hidden parasite

some people might not be happy to hear that. When a software for others, sincere consumer interests, what makes you say it is a rogue plug-in? This problem temporarily aside, this will make the following. Let us be clear about "shopping assistant" function, it is the function of profit to consumers. There is nothing wrong with this feature, it is for consumers. This function and some rebate network to provide service is very similar, but just like. Why do you say that? The rebate network has given Taobao users with none, but they are their own user traffic to promote. There the rebate site, no Taobao customer will go to anger. Others stand, do their own promotion, into their own flow, let not let and I have what relation.

and "shopping assistant"? What is its mode of operation, Taobao customers spend energy and financial resources, the ad will be displayed in front of the target user, to attract its click to buy. "Shopping assistant" is used to erase Taobao Jiehuaxianfo, guest PID, told clients: you should have to pay the full price of this product, because of the use of me, to get the rebate how much discount! This is what kind of behavior? Naked robbery, robbing the Taobao passenger ‘s labor, to in exchange for their own interests. Don’t say what is free plug-in, no free lunch in the world, whether it is a direct, or indirect good, there is no interest in the fool will spend energy to do!)


browser 360 parasite

now a lot of people say, 360 browser and shopping assistant does not matter. 360 full support, to promote the shopping assistant plug-in? Roaming do so? It is nothing but want to get the user’s favor, to seize more browser market. The author thinks that in 360 recommended shopping assistant, certainly aware of the "shopping assistant" "parasites" nature, but also is the value of this plug-in has "can rob Taobao guests work achievement, then give his own trumpet" features, are recommended. A knife, there is no mistake, but you take >

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