Novice to do half a year after the perception of Taobao

comrades, comrades hard. Now hard 2 words I finally realized. Do guest station, is really hard. Still goes to compare "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow" now Taobao off so the fire, many of my friends are mixed in, I was no exception, but I do not seen for half a year, how much money, may be some friends than my cup, perhaps a friend to make a fortune, so before us the gap between where? You ask me? I don’t know? Because I’m just a perfectly ordinary little Taobao guest, so today I posted this article for 2 purposes, first, you don’t need to explain, you know. The second is that I still want to say, I do some of the experience of Taobao guest!


A guest do

before the station let me know what is SEO, and the power of the SEO! The time is just a small thing do not boring, but I was addicted to. Because I saw my first pot of gold in the network. It’s really exciting, I think many of my friends have their own pot of gold would like me excited. So I’ll say to my friends, I do some experience of Taobao guest.

, a Taobao keyword selection: guest website keywords, I choose in the Baidu index, long tail keyword best choice is known to all, what kind of conversion rate? I do, for example, if you use the "slimming products, slimming products, what to do good" and the "best" keyword what do you think is the slimming effect conversion rate higher? Of course, why? Because they just want to know about the latter than the former, buy more! Do you think of

?Two, the choice of template

Wangzhuan: now you go to Baidu search keywords class slimming products enter the site look, basically Taobao customer and template are generally, or is almost the same. So give users a bad impression, it means that the user experience is not in place. Template as far as possible to spend a little bit of thought to do a beautiful point, so I think your volume should be improved!

three, the chain: this problem, I’m just a novice apprentice, dare not say what, I put myself to share some of my friends, my first step is Baidu, SOSO, and so on to answer the question and answer. You don’t think you posted to the 3 places, only 3 will be outside the chain, this is not the case, there will be a lot of questions and answers, because the other station will collect these stations, and then you add the chain, such as writing text, writing really useful to us, there will be a natural person help us propaganda. The other as we say, network favorites, forum, blog and so on. But it seems that we write soft Wen said the best effect, so I try today!

well, I said so much, tomorrow to give you more talk. Http://s.syanpi.com Adsense original, reproduced please indicate, thank you!

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