Chen Yizhou hit the big ass mop com alliance size code trap

Chen Yizhou of the large size mop.com alliance butt trap


        the hypothesis mop.com alliance staff subjective no deception, so many mop.com union account is likely to misjudge the cheating, the following objective reasons for the statistical error, mop.com alliance based on the error data for fraud: a miscarriage of justice, the webmaster 996*1000 large size code advertising "subsequent click" really poor effect; two, the large size code "subsequent click statistics" (system error code error, data confusion, statistical data is not added to the follow-up Statistics); three, in fact, some of the page "subsequent click" cannot be counted, such as before to click ppstream.

        "the interpretation of subsequent terms: click" can be called "two hits", "subsequent click" is out of the ordinary characteristic mop.com Alliance – to determine whether the normal auxiliary means of advertising click. Refers to the Internet users click on the ads displayed after the page, the results of the page link is clicked by the user, it is called the subsequent click". If the follow-up hits a day ID and a click volume ratio is not within the scope of limit mop.com Union, even if the other is no problem, will also be accordingly assume the ID alliance mop.com cheating, and refused a commission.
        Hello, I’m Wang Jianran, at mop.com alliance member ID 1315, was induced to cheat and mop.com alliance who refused the Commission, in January and February a total of 7459 yuan. Has always insisted on the Commission to pursue their own should be. I have written in the "Wang Jianran understanding of the mop.com alliance and appeal letter" one article, there are other webmasters to write such a lot of articles "expose mop.com alliance to mop.com CEO a letter"
, what can protect our webmaster vulnerable rights, MOP and shameless deception".

      ever applied for mop.com alliance advertising, was k out of account, refused a commission, but clearly I didn’t cheat, but there are so experienced webmaster friends, everybody, something below that of the Commission may have on your back to help. Don’t put mop.com advertising alliance friends can understand, a small mistake technology alliance can bring much damage to innocent stationmaster friends. Also hope to attract the attention of people who do platform services, the butterfly effect is terrible.
      ask not cheating is the K account of the webmaster friends, if you focus placed a large size code mop.com advertising alliance? That is, 996*1000 and 910*600, such as the size of the code, in particular, the size of the 996*1000 code? If yes

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