Several common beginner summary

Wangzhuan in recent years has become a very popular keywords, but really make money on the Internet but very few, why can make money in a few? Most people are bustling about every day, even by some people to crown the IT workers how we can not earn money, let the author lead we walked into the Wangzhuan, to explore some unknown Wangzhuan method.

one: do e-commerce to make money

if you do through the traditional e-commerce model to make money is very difficult, because now the electronic commerce has been a handful of very large sites dominated, so we need to, can not stick to conventions, some people through the Internet to do e-commerce trade, use their familiarity with the foreign trade process English, plus a good level, take orders from abroad, and then to the home to others, make the difference, but this lucrative business! The cost is not high, but the profit is quite substantial! If you have relevant knowledge, not to open a foreign trade e-commerce website


two: become a Witkey


CCTV reported the acquisition by Witkey website to part-time or full-time, now many people know Witkey, if you have the relevant skills, such as web technology, graphic design technology, you may even naming, you can register an account when the Witkey. To answer the above work, a lot of people even set up a special company, specializes in Witkey Witkey task, general release on the platform of the task if the technical content, the price is very reasonable, not some of the price of cabbage, so many people are able to through this platform Witkey to earn a lot of money


three: to become a writer

is now on the network are filled with a variety of fantasy novels and love stories, since the wind dance Qingyang ruffian Cai success, now the network has emerged many network fiction writers, more representative is like a ghost chuideng series, and other fantasy novels, many fantasy novels are a lot of college students want to write what the text on the Internet, but these fantasy novels can be rapidly popular, the click rate is particularly high, so you can become a certain website so you can sign writer by writing the novel to make money now! In addition to the promotion of soft paper has also been highly recognized by enterprises or website, soft the role of some more often than rigid advertising but also good, so to become a software writers you also can make money


four: organize the team to do network push hand

remember Sister Lotus, fairy sister? Why can they overnight can be popular in the network, including now Xifeng, Xi Li Ge, this is a network of celebrity is not behind the Internet marketer. Sometimes these people called the Navy, these people often have a team, and each of the team members have registered a lot of vest, and then through the post, back to the post, the levy.

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