A month Taobao customers to promote money sharing experience

we all know now through Taobao money off is a Wangzhuan way, but how many people are making money, how many people are there in the dark, there are many people watching someone else’s promotion deal single giggle… All of this is a disaster for Taobao.

can not be denied by the National People’s Congress, Taobao money off someone, through Taobao fought money off a wave of Internet force, almost no turnover many novice a month or two months, this is why


a lot of people have asked me how to be a real money off Taobao? In fact God helps those who help themselves this is true, at first I was very hard every day, most of which are in the promotion, the hair of the chain. My first month turnover of 8, are more commission weight-loss products and breast products, bask in my station: http://s.www.meicp.com/, I began to do this year, relatively late, but that method is always right.

below to share my Taobao guest promotion methods:

first, you build it? This problem is not worth mentioning to the veteran. But it is necessary for the people to explore, if you want to become bigger and stronger, you must have a stand, whether it is a single page type or mall form. Do a Taobao guest station, such as weight loss, the key word set, add some original articles, new sites every day to add a new article. To promote the manufacture of the chain, a lot of single page website ranking is because of the strong support of the chain, you do it?

two, talk about promotion. Purposeful promotion. For example, the weight loss group you add? How much you added, you sent a group of mail? Have you ever been to the school community? Watercress group your promotion? Baidu know, Search ask the question and answer, and so you do? In fact, these things are just beginning to do should try it, you only have to do the only possible benefit, do not never have income, is not pie in the sky.

three, Taobao guest website content update, if it is a single page, you need at least one article publishing system, which can ensure the content of the website is updated in a timely manner, fixed time to update the content, the best is original, pseudo original also false powerful point. Baidu to the weight of a stable, with a stable flow, the following promotion is mainly the search engine, the flow of more targeted, the opportunity to facilitate the transaction is relatively large.

four, the most important point is: do not give up, stick to it, like digging gold, you dig in the end, waiting for you is the glittering gold.

above is what I do as a novice, just do a month to promote Taobao customers to make money, and we hope to exchange a lot, I believe that they must be stronger than others.

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