Google AdSense optimization experience

      the best unit is always 336×280

      he tried almost all sizes, found that the size of the highest hits, 300×250 is also good.

      placement recommendation:

      1, surrounded by text;

      2, placed on the back of the text, the reader is likely to read the text after reading more relevant content, if the match is good, the click rate will be high.

      two, I think the best color matching method

      the title of the ad is consistent with the title color of the web page, and the 0000FF effect is better;

      introduction text, URL address all set to light color (such as 888888);

      frame, background, needless to say, and the background color of the same page.

      three, do not let users was

      a lot of people like to allow users to click through the location of the layout, the result is that the user immediately after the return of the point, to bring you the result is a straight line decline;

      under the same conditions, the more users willing to click on the ads, the more you can bring higher income;

      the number of hits is not critical, the quality of each click is the key.

      four, do a good job to improve the matching

      let you more than 80% of the content of the page with the theme, the better the match, the higher the price. Do not pursue too beautiful page, a variety of background images, falsh can not do not, the simpler the better the code.

      five, the forum can also have a good income

      as long as you do:

      1, remove some unnecessary things, such as a large number of users on the left of the title, head, points, etc., leaving only a publisher’s user name, linked to his personal information can be;


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