The bad behaviour will not regularly publicity SP Enterprises

      to reflect the strong current of social consumption, unknown trick SMS chargeback, the price tag is not bad, the information content, false advertising and other five kinds of problems, the requirements of all communications authority to establish the local SP business record of bad behavior notification system is processed by SP to the public in a timely manner to the community.

      it is understood that the record of bad behavior should include: illegal business name, license number, name, legal representative, business access code access by the operator name, illegal content (time, place, behavior), administrative processing results and other information.

      to strengthen the access management responsibilities of basic telecommunications companies, all communications authority in the public enterprise SP record of bad behavior at the same time, the local basic telecommunications companies access to SP enterprise is administrative processing and the number of correct information to the public together. During the investigation of the focus on remediation of illegal SP enterprises will be the first record of bad behavior, Ofcom will be in July 15th before the announcement to the society.

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