Wangzhuan experience how to quickly sell Ali Mama advertising

when I found that Ali’s mother to do a few of the principles of success, strict performance. Advertising a few days to sell all the time, every few hours to check the mailbox, you can receive Ali’s mother’s message tips: XXX advertising successfully sold.

my site here ignore Hidden Dragon ah, I can’t afford, or while it was beyond

so how do you sell your ad in a matter of days to the full amount of the month?

I will be my experience selfless dedication of everyone

principle one: let the customer

most of the site owners want to earn a small amount of their own advertising, not much traffic on the ad is better than dozens of pieces. But do you have to think about what the advertisers think? Advertisers want to use the cheap price to buy the value of advertising, advertising to advertisers, so if you find, think that if you do not buy that is a missed opportunity to buy is really cheaper then, can not sell? Remember must be: let the customer

principle two: follow the pricing formula to develop advertising price

advertising price = average number of visits /1000

principle three: thousand people visit cost control in 0.1~0.2 yuan

according to my observation, many advertisers are in accordance with the thousands of people visit the cost of sorting to select advertising in the advertising, so your advertising people visit the lower cost can be purchased in the front row, the greater the chance!

above is my experience, and we can learn from the exchange of

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