He found the degreeses looking for the next network

              Internet era has infinite possibilities, stop in front of the glass will be broken.

new Zhejiang, September – 5, we do the site of the industry, a lot of people seem to be ‘soil’." An industry website veteran told reporters. It seems that this seems to be incompatible with the ever-changing personality of the Internet, however, it is this group of people, created the Chinese miracle of the internet.

industry website was born and developed in the massive economy of Zhejiang is not surprising. Today, at least 70% of the industry’s Web site is hiding in a corner of Zhejiang. Some people say that the industry website is Zhejiang yourself on the Internet, with the Internet understanding "by foreign culture influence returnees compared to Zhejiang local businessmen appear to be more pragmatic, more grassroots. Zhejiang businessmen to create the industry website, there is no gorgeous beautiful story, some just snowball rolling development model. They did not have a strong sense of venture capital, they are accompanied by the development of the industry and steady growth. Until one day, suddenly found the same industry website Hi2000 is listed, and immediately sought after, they deeply realized the power of capital.

in June 28th 2007 China industry website investment and Development Forum (official website: 2007 netsun.com), HC veterans Guo Fansheng sentence "industry website just like on the fly on the window, seeing the light but not the future, let the industry website creators feel stuck in my throat. It seems that the development of the industry is bound to be the site of the ceiling repression, in order to have a breakthrough, difficult!

Internet era has unlimited potential, seeing the rely on the concept of income has not started, a penny Web2.0 company can hold large amounts of risk investment "flicker", the industry website executives sit. "We have the money, why didn’t we vote?"

actually, the key question is how deep the industry website can dig?

Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang started by

network seems to find a good development. Perhaps for many years engaged in the cause of the industry website, he deeply understand the industry as a result of the site due to excessive breakdown of the information island problem. According to his understanding, if the average daily birth of each site a page calculation, "the total daily birth will be more than one billion, a year is down 36 billion 500 million, equivalent to the amount of information" 4 Google, 8 Baidu".

in the face of such information explosion, subdivision has become an inevitable trend of the development of the internet. With this subdivision more and more, there may be thousands of future segments, too many sites will bring a subdivision of the information islands.

based on this understanding, Sun Deliang put forward the company’s next three to five years, small portal + alliance, the development plan, that is, business treasure (www.netsun.>

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