The value of the audience is undervalued


(total left to right: Tan Zhi, Chen Congrong, Jiang, Wu Mingdong, Chen Yan, Ji Hai Rong, Qian Qian)


is a company? If your answer is also related to the building LCD screen, then your thinking has lagged behind the audience’s receptionist.

July 20, 2007, is destined to become another important moment in the history of the public. Although this day, the public is only in Dalian held the first half of 2007 sales summary conference. Such a summary meeting before the conference call, and this is not only a period of three days, and all executives, all branch general manager and sales director of the first tier cities to attend the first full lineup.

Since the

is "in the history of the most scaled internal semi annual meeting, the chairman and CEO Jiangnanchun outlined the next focus of the 5 year plan. Then in July 28th, he immediately held Jiangnanchun company front, including all the staff conference call with passion to each employee to convey the company grand vision "- the largest digital media group Chinese".

before the congregation into a field, mostly by intuition, action faster than thought, until now, the public really formed a theoretical, global framework." Jason find excitement from intuition theory shows between the lines.

to the first step in the digital media group, in fact, is the focus of the last group of non digital business, the framework of the media into a digital framework 2 – upgraded to LCD screen. This framework 2 and sub public buildings TV, TV and other TV channels are collectively referred to as the LCD screen".

"if someone asked me today what would happen to the TV, I was reluctant to answer." Jason is implying that if anyone still clutching the TV on, it shows that he did not understand the. Digital outdoor, Internet and wireless, digital media group is divided into three carriages, and in 2007 after the two revenue is expected to account for the total revenue of 35%40%. At the same time, the previous 100% to the OEM supply LCD manufacturers, now facing the focus of the orders have been forced to find new customers.

"property law" in October 1st this year will begin to implement. In accordance with the spirit of the "property law", the suspension and play of the building TV advertisements must obtain the consent of the owners. In theory, the bargaining power of individual buildings will be enhanced, the public are likely to face rising costs and channels under pressure. For a time, the owners denounced violations of "quiet right" and "privacy" of public opinion constantly.

In fact, the

began to focus on building TV, from birth has been faced with the problem of rising costs. Prior to this, the audience has experienced a series of building TV, outdoor TV, life trajectory media, lifestyle media and other name replacement. This can be seen >

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