Planning and building websites from the perspective of marketing

if a website from the marketing point of view to plan the construction of words, do not spend too much money can easily spread the flow up. However, if a website can not be planned from the construction of marketing, it may spend a lot of money to hit, it is difficult to really hit the site traffic. So Wang Tong has been advocating the concept of a website planning and construction: from the perspective of marketing planning and construction sites. How to plan the construction site from the marketing point of view?

different types of sites may be slightly different, but most sites need to consider the following three points:

first, the site planning and design to be responsible for SEO

for a web site, the average is about 70% of the new traffic from search engines, if your site to the planning and design of the words from the perspective of marketing, website launched later, can be easily obtained through the search engine traffic is very large.

site planning and design to negative and SEO, need to take into account those factors?

website link structure planning

URl path design

page layout

Title Design

meta tag design

site map design

other SEO factor

in these aspects of the design in accordance with the requirements of the search engine, in order to promote the site, can obtain relatively good ranking in the major search engines, so as not to spend money to make the search engine Everfount to bring you high quality flow.

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two, site planning and design to meet the user’s preferences

for a web site, the humanized design is very important, but how to humanity? Many people may be at a loss, humanity is composed of a series of details, here to give you a simple list of several.

1, the site to give users pleasure

web page to open faster, users feel cool, how to improve the speed of the web page?

server bandwidth conditions better

web content is not too much

code optimization and compression weight loss

try to use static web page……

2, the site should boast users:

for many of the users use the site’s services or functions of the steps, can be incorporated into a very humane language to exaggerate the user. Let users happy, users will like your site.

3, site navigation to guide the user

site navigation according to the user’s favorite to plan, it is best to let your navigation guide you >

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