The road of Entrepreneurship grass root idea is the failure of disaster counterattack

I recently saw a film "big man" when mixed drama, I do like to have no love to watch movies and TV shows people should give this TV watching, felt it was too unbelievable! I don’t know if you have not seen the TV play, see after we have what feelings, but I watched the TV play a little small feeling a little bit! But this is not entirely to the whole drama, but only a short drama.

TV drama actor on the way to find a girlfriend, accidentally broke into a white Formica in the world, but the hero is a real grass root to the poor. Of course, this is a TV series, is a fake. And our real life people there will be a lot of people have been dreaming of you could find a white Formica as wife, so that you can be free to the plight of the poor. This is not the boast, perhaps those looking for white Formica or tall, rich and handsome people are not shown, but the heart most will have such an idea, but you may feel?

in today’s reality of society, people and people are not equal, the so-called equality is only in three, six, nine, etc.. Poor people in China and even the world’s poor can not afford to eat steamed bread, while the rich people are rich in oil, money no place to spend. They may even do not know how much money they can earn every day, how many millions of their own worth, how many billion. Poor people longing for the life of the rich, the rich may yearn for the poor life of the poor, the poor want to deal with the rich, while the rich but look down on the poor. This society is so real.

regression we have the topic, in the TV series last hero and heroine and not difficult to hand into the marriage hall, but the main reason to break up with a white Formica together, would make you feel the hitherto unknown pressure, the pressure from various aspects. For example: eat a meal is tens of thousands at lunch, as a poor grass root can not afford. There is a white Formica with access to a variety of occasions when can let yourself feel the hurt, the status of the poor lead others watches and so on! All led to the final ending, even if there is no break up, then the day will not be happy. And in the end of the drama of the hand into the marriage hall is a hero with almost the same girl.

look so long already impatient! Don’t worry, now began to cut to the chase, but is just in front of a foreshadowing. Some people will start to wonder, what does this have to do with the venture, which has nothing to do with the venture, but with entrepreneurial mentality and even the success of the final indirect relationship. Let’s talk about the contacts! If we’re not what technology, no culture, no qualifications with high-level people together, they only tell you unworthy of a care. On the contrary, if we want to more senior people to contact all we have to keep learning, continue to grow. Only then will all the top people

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