Google Adsense trend study

Google Adsense is currently the most personal delivery advertisement. But in recent years we found that several major portals, from sina to Sohu, and has been refused to put Google, Adsense network advertising. Or raise the threshold (such as the threshold of Hexun, hardly human can achieve, apparently to individuals through difficulties).

network bring more and more profit

apparently put Google Adsense in the major sites can only let Google become the biggest winner, and the portal did not get a good benefit!

so most of these sites began to shield GG ad, the future can only have three ways:

and GG divide the network advertisement profit; or large website to offer online advertising new ways of users; or only distinctive, attractive individual website has become the main launch objects of GG. It will be very limited.

Google need to rethink, and these large sites also need to think about, the disadvantages of GG in Ad at the same time, if you provide the new profit to the user? And individuals also need new ways of re planning Wangzhuan


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