4 solutions to bid on delivery

At present,

, SEO and the main means of Wangzhuan led by SEM, and the bidding with its quick results, to enlarge profits, profits and is sought after by the webmaster, this can be from the overwhelming competitive training you can get a glimpse of one or two. However, not all people are suitable for bidding, the entire design of the bidding link many problems need to be resolved, cash on delivery is one of them, but also to many beginners the most headaches.

today, I would like to share for cash on delivery of the 4 solutions, you may have to try Oh!

a, in good faith for the goods to pay third parties

at first, but also not to cannot but choose, not cash on delivery scheme, the goods first by ordinary courier service to the customer, after waiting for customers to receive the goods and confirmation of receipt, to the moral integrity, drive, will be paid back to the station.

in this way, 99% of all shook his head, think this is a lack of trust in the society, a few money conscience value arguments flying times, take the goods do not give money is nine out of ten things, dead loss did not discuss. However, after I test, of course, is in a small volume of business, shall not to sign on behalf of the collection activities has been done under the condition of 98% customers, as long as you send the goods there is no problem, as long as your words make people feel sincere enough, everyone is very complex, and is forced to wait put the money back to you. Of course, make sure your loss is greater than


this is the last choice, if there is a better choice, please take the normal collection business, don’t take unnecessary risks or


two, on behalf of the shipping alliance for the third party

with the first scheme is similar with shipping company, you are, for the size of the company, credit quality, and whether the secret what means we can make nothing of it. This in the final analysis is also in good faith for the third party, to find a good faith on behalf of the shipping company you earn, no storage, no shipping links, just hard to promote, take a single, shipping someone to help you dry.

three, courier company for the third party

this is well understood, the current domestic support cash on delivery service EMS, SF and just in time, for individual webmaster, as long as your monthly shipments reached about 50 single, total cost reached 500 yuan, it is easy to check, and the back is also very convenient, quick, is half a month or a month has been settled.

four, Taobao COD platform for the third party


COD platform launched by Taobao with 6 domestic courier company cash on delivery platform, as long as you apply online cash on delivery service, online orders, choose a courier company, there will be someone to pick up on the back is very convenient, you can call directly to Alipay ATM OK. The problem is, do the bidding

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