SEO money thinking two Lock niche market products

is currently on the Internet some mainstream products and services, seems to have been bad, many large companies are occupied, competition is very intense, for us personally, need on the Internet to find a certain search volume and profitable products is not easy, many products are either too much competition, people can not enter, or profit is too thin, not suitable for. Whether the Internet has no personal living space, in fact, a niche market is for personal preparation, very suitable for personal operation on the network.

a, what is niche market

is a large company ignored or unable to enter the market, that is, the competition is very small, survive in the gap between large companies.

niche market is a service specific crowd, the target is relatively strong, niche products, the smaller the smaller the competition, the market is still very large for the country.

for example to understand niche market

such as clothing is a popular product, we can subdivide, there will be a lot of niche products

· sell special size clothing, super large, super fat type, super long type

· monopoly lovers suit

· military clothing

· monopoly maternity clothing

· exclusive auxiliary clothing

· customized personalized clothing, such as the photos can be printed on the clothes

· monopoly of foreign style clothing

two, how to find niche products

find the products we can not blindly without a purpose to find here, black brother teach you the most simple search techniques, to find Taobao and Alibaba, were subdivided according to some classification, there will be a lot of list segments and small areas of products, there are many possible they did not listen to the talk, so there is a lot of niche products waiting for you to dig.

a product is suitable for personal operation, please check the following points to

· the best product has a certain index, indicating that there is a certain user needs

· if there is no index requirements, product profit is very high, each at least hundreds of above

· Baidu has promotion, indicating a certain commercial

· competition to small, Baidu home station not occupied, there are at least three or four pages

1, component

A part or a component of the

some of the popular products, are often competitive small niche products, such as Benz is a popular product, but the car sign Benz is the niche product >

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